What is SIPA?

The purpose of the Association is to support the Nordic and European property investors interest in acquiring, manage and develop properties outside of the native country and to promote the development of the property know-how as well as a free trade and industry. Associated members will be supported in their aim to educate the industry and extend the network. The Association works for this, among others things, through: – organization of seminars, discussions, courses and through publication of surveys regarding general conditions in other countries etc. – active promotion of contacts and exchange of knowledge between members, as well as with external actors and organizations on the international property market.

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Nikolaj Hertel
E-mail: info@sipa.nu
Mobile: +45 20 20 37 00


Kristinagatan 14
SE-724 61 Västeraas



  •  Network organization for the Nordic Real Estate industry
  • Promote networking amongst its members
  •  Provide latest industry trends, best practice and developments in meetings and seminars
  •  To overlook national property legislation  
  • Support members aspirations, inspirations and expectations to invest in the Nordic countries
  •  Provide interesting participation in industry fairs and city study tours



  • Continuous activities to provide value for its members through establishing SIPA as the most interesting and greatest networking platform in the Nordic Real Estate Investment industry
  •  To provide industry information and knowledge to its members. Supporting the member to further development and enhancement of their business

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