What is SIPA?

Established in 1989, SIPA is the Nordic region's most comprehensive specialist association for property professionals. Formed with a mission to unite property investors and professionals with interest in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. Our aim is simple - help each market acquire the knowledge they need to make attractive investments outside of their home real-estate markets. Through a diverse membership of industry professionals, through organised knowledge sharing events, through tailored seminars, and through inspirational city studies, at SIPA we provide the framework for a structured and rewarding approach to networking. We welcome you to share in our knowledge of the Nordics.

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Jacob Saxild
E-mail: info@sipa.nu
Mobile: +45 28 83 94 96

Box 19065
SE-167 19 Bromma

VAT No.: SE556353006101



  •  Network organization for the Nordic Real Estate industry
  • Promote networking amongst its members
  •  Provide latest industry trends, best practice and developments in meetings and seminars  
  • Support members aspirations, inspirations and expectations to invest in the Nordic countries
  •  Provide interesting participation in industry fairs and city study tours



  • Continuous activities to provide value for its members through establishing SIPA as the most interesting and greatest networking platform in the Nordic Real Estate Investment industry
  •  To provide industry information and knowledge to its members. Supporting the member to further development and enhancement of their business

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