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SIPA is an exclusive organization for major property investors and professionals with interests in the Nordic countries.
19. feb. 2016


  • SIPA offers a unique network, combining the members’ outstanding knowledge of the Nordic property markets and the excellent experience from the members’ investments across the world.
  • The Association is exclusive and only open to those that by their size or their activity can play an important role on the North European property markets.
  • SIPA offers a unique gateway for those that are interested in the dynamic property markets in the Nordic countries.
  • The Association and its members work for a more property friendly climate on the respective home markets.
  • Throughout the years SIPA has developed to be the natural partner for foreign investors to find their way into the Nordic property markets.
  • SIPA members represent the largest and most important property actors on the Nordic markets. The majority of the members are coming from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


As a part of SIPA, we ensure the right people meet to share relevant expertise and knowledge that everyone will benefit from.

SIPA - Annual Conference 

Every May / June is held a SIPA day - SIPA 10/10 primarily in Stockholm. The conference will be held Day 1 around 10am to Day 2 around 10am followed by the annual general meeting. Companies are expected to be represented by the individual member - at maturity represented by another senior officer.

SIPA - Seminars and meetings

Once or twice a year will be arranged shorter seminars or meetings where members will be able together to discuss and deal with business-related issues that may affect the development of the business. In additions, the Secretariat will organise seminars or meetings, when a group of members want to discuss topics of specific interest.


Our MIPIM stand provides members with a venue to meet other members, host connections or sip cocktails at our annual SIPA cocktail party. As a member of SIPA your company has an opportunity to advertise your business at the SIPA stand. Ordinary members are offered free entrance to the MIPIM trade fair.

SIPA Study Tour

For those members with an eye on European opportunities, our tailored study provides firsthand insight for potential investments. Comprising an architecturally guided city-tour, over two days there will be organised opportunity to hear from local developers whilst enjoying moderated round-table discussions with leading professionals and invited politicians. All set in a schedule devised to paint a solid picture of the local economic and political atmosphere. Study Tour includes all trip activities and accommodation.


Providing best practice insights and CPD face value rental comparisons, the SIPA index exemplifies the benefits of our knowledge sharing by helping members ascertain real investment returns across the Nordic markets.

Welcome to the new Nordic SIPA.